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Vivienne Westwood Fashion Exhibition in San Francisco

Posted by Kyle Design on March 27, 2007

I waw the Vivienne Westwood show this weekend at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and was so impressed by it. She is a truly great clothing designer who has delighted in shocking with her edgy fashions. Her designs force the eye to go where modesty normally would dictate they avert. A knit sweater with a large opening right over the breasts, a fig-leaf stitched onto the crotch to tights, mini crinolines that sway and allow a sneak peek underneath, elegant evening gowns beaded to resemble breasts, exaggerated backsides designed to create the impression of a small waist. Even my daughters (11 and 8 ) were impressed by the subtle humor of a demure dusty blue dress when they realized that the button pinching in the waist was a tiny penis.

I noticed a teenager attending the show with her father who was dressed in punk fashions — a graffiti t-shirt, baggy black shorts, high-top sneakers, heavy chains. Her outfit highlighted for me how talented Westwood is. This young girl’s ensemble was missing the point of the edgy fashion. Westwood’s clothes are sexy and push your buttons, whereas this young girl was just frumpy.

I loved the peekaboo slashed gowns and the contrast between the rough and poor and the bright and luxurious, and I now have a new-found respect for punk fashions. This is inspirational work that recharges the creative spirit because it is so out of the ordinary, such a contrast to the banality of most fashion.

I smiled the whole way through this show and still can’t get it out of my mind. IMHO, this is a don’t-miss exhibition.


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