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Metal Wallet Saves Sailors from Disaster (Sort Of)

Posted by Kyle Design on March 26, 2007

Here’s a great story I just received from one of my customers:

You just never know when Kyle’s metal wallet is going to come in handy. This last weekend, I was part of sailing race crew in the San Francisco Bay. As we motored down the Alameda Estuary on the way to the race, I noticed the smell of burning rubber coming from the engine compartment. Immediately, I called up to one of the sailboat’s crew, who happened also to have rewired the boat’s electrical system, to come down. Once he opened the compartment’s doors, smoke and steam came billowing out. “Cut the engine, we have a fire,” he yelled out. It was determined that the exhaust manifold had caught fire. “Kely, do you have a mirror somewhere in your gear?” asked the Captain. Since I’m the only woman on this sailboat, I guess I’m the most likely candidate for this request. I pulled out Kyle’s metal wallet, and handed it down to Pete who was lying prone in the bowels of the boat. It is critical for boaters to to have a functioning engine in the estuary so that they can quickly avoid oncoming container ships and other large vessels. Pete used the shiny case to see the damage to both the engine and the electrical system. Because the case is hinged he could see more than one angle at a time. We were able to make a temporary fix with a beer can and some wire, and then safely motor back to our berth for further repairs. Thank you, Kyle!

Here’s a metal wallet similar to the one she used: Shiny Metel Wallet with Contemporary DesignThis contemporary design even looks like ocean waves. These metal wallets are a stylish way to carry your cash and cards, and apparently are a great way to impress those sailors, too!

I always love to hear stories about how my work is used and where it is has gone, so if you have an interesting tale, be sure to write and let me know!



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