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Baby Einstein or Baby Neanderthal?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 26, 2007

After a full day of museum-hopping in San Francisco with my two girls, I was happy to just sit at the kitchen table, eat a bowl of Kix and read the back of the cereal box. Imagine my horror to read this from the Share the Adventure series:

Make Your Own Pyramid:

Set the mood for an Egyptian adventure by helping your children build a pyramid. Start the pyramid by cutting three equally sized triangles from a piece of cardboard. Have your child glue the triangles together. Then help them cut out a door and draw bricks on all three sides of the pyramid. Now you’re ready to visit ancient Egypt.

Is this some weird form of revisionist history??? Last time I counted, pyramids had 4 sides, plus the bottom. I put on a great Egyptian party for my daughter about a year ago and not only did I make a FOUR-sided pyramid cake, I also made a huge FOUR-sided pyramid tent that the kids loved. Here’s the picture of the decorate-it-yourself cake with — count them yourself — four sides.

The kicker is that this is from Disney’s Little Einsteins series produced by the Baby Einstein Company. Egyptian Pyramid CakeApparently, nobody at General Mills in the Kix design department even bothered to read this exciting adventure. I suggest that the little geniuses at the Baby Einstein Company get some help with their next cereal box unless they want to create a whole generation of baby Neanderthals. If they should want to build their own pyramid, they can read my Pyramid Cake instructions.

I don’t want one of these baby Einsteins growing up to design any bridge or building I will ever have to use, especially here in California.  Kix: Kid Tested, Idiot Approved.


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