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UFO Aliens in France? How Do They Smell?

Posted by Kyle Design on March 24, 2007

Does this alien look French to you? No? Well, perhaps he is an American alien tourist in France who chose not to stick around for an insult. Those who have experienced a close encounter of the first kind are always able to describe what they look like, but what I really want to know is how they smell. Alien Christmas OrnamentFrance is the first country to put its full archive of weird sightings online at its website, and it includes pictures and descriptions. Apparently there were a lot of them – in excess of 160,000 unexplained phenomena – but as far as I can tell no descriptions of scent. Of course, it is all in French of which I know very little, so hard to say. That’s one thing the web is missing – an olfactory component. Anyway, scent is a very powerful sense and the last to go when you’re dying, so it just seems to me there should be more information on this from those who managed to escape their abductors. If you should find yourself in this situation with a French alien, here are some helpful phrases for an uplifting experience:

Je concede que j’ai eu tort. I admit I was wrong. (Now I’m a believer…. )

Ou va-t-on? Where are we going?

Vous avez les plus jolis yeux que j’ai jamais vus. You have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

Portez-moi à votre chef! Take me to your leader! (Of some concern, however, is the fact that the word “chef” is in there…)

Use the following with caution:

J’avais compte sure quelque chose de mieux. I had expected something better.

Une fois suffit, n’y revenez plus. Once is enough. Don’t try it again.

Quel est le plat du jour? What’s the special on today’s menu?

I always assumed that perhaps those claiming a UFO sighting had been drinkingUFO Alien Flask, so I came up with this Alien flask that just enhances the experience. Just the right size to tuck in a boot or pocket and have handy for emergencies, even if you’re already seeing double.

Here’s one more French phrase: Tout le monde en parle. (Everybody is talking about it.) So good luck getting onto the French Space Agency’s Group for Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena section of the website- it is running pretty slowly. To view the archives, click on the link under “Vie extraterrestre ?…” that says Tout les dossiers.


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