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The Artist’s Spirit: Starting Out – Part 3 – Perseverance

Posted by Kyle Design on March 23, 2007

So, you want to be an artist. How do you know you have what it takes to make a career of it? This is the third in a series about what it takes to survive by a woman who has so far managed to make a living as an artist for 25 years.

Perseverance – Another important characteristic is perseverance. Can you handle delayed gratification? Are you willing to work for an extended period of time (hours? days? months? years?), put in long hours, get up after getting knocked down time and again. If you’re the type who gives up easily, don’t even bother. Things go wrong every day and you must be ready, willing and able to come up with solutions – find another way, a different supplier, change a policy, or create a different look.

Here’s a great quote by Sam Shoen, the U-Haul co-founder: “I believe in luck. The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I think that sums up perseverance pretty darn well. The amount of decision-making is overwhelming at times, and when it comes to problems, there usually is no good answer for many of the questions. I certainly have my down days, but I always snap out of it and hit it hard again. If coffee or chocolate (my favorite) or whatever helps you keep going, great. You must just believe you can make it. Coffee Christmas Ornament
I think being an artist makes it especially difficult to persevere because you must not only run a business but design the product. Using your creativity is very draining – it is like pouring a little bit of yourself into every piece you make. I can go on a long run of designing then must stop because those parts of my brain and my body can’t give anymore. Not to say that the end result can’t be very thrilling, but getting there uses a lot of energy.

If you look forward to the knowledge that every day will be different and enjoy the challenge of each new problem, then a career as an artist just might be for you.


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