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The Artist’s Spirit: Starting Out – Part 1 – Creativity

Posted by Kyle Design on March 21, 2007

So, you want to be an artist. How do you know you have what it takes to make a career of it? This is the first in a series about what it takes to survive by a woman who has so far managed to make a living as an artist for 25 years.

The Creative Spirit – You have to have the innate creative spirit. I have always wanted to be an artist, and I even have it in writing. Each year of school, my mother filled out my “About Me” page in a schoolbook that summarized each grade. When I was only 5, I said that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. It was such a revelation to open that book thirty years later and read that! Aha! It WAS in my blood, part of my being. Growing up, my drawings were always different than the other kids’. Abstract, colorful, fanciful. So it is definitely a plus if you feel that creative spirit so strongly that you just have to let it out.

And that’s just it, this feeling of needing to express those creative feelings. If you have the urge to design, if you want to put your own individual stamp on a project, have opinions about a better, more attractive or visually interesting way of approaching something you have to do, then you have that creative spirit. This is a very good start.

Here’s my personal experience: I had lost sight of that creative desire in high school and college. I was a good student, studied hard, was accepted to U.C. Berkeley. While in high school, you take those career assessment tests and they tell you what you’d be good at, and without many life experiences, I thought, OK, I guess I could become an engineer. When I entered Cal, I changed my mind to business because I had been working for my parents and their business was fascinating to me. In my freshman and sophomore years, I began to have doubts that a straight-forward career in business was going to hold my attention. So I took weekend art classes, started experimenting with different crafts – painting silk, jewelry making, printing. By the time I graduated, I had decided not to interview for any of the job postings in the Business School career center. “What do you mean, you’re not interviewing for any jobs?!?!?,” my friends cried. The creative spirit was stronger than my desire for money or stability.


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